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As the business sign experts, Bay Area Signs & Electrical understands the necesssity for having a quality running business sign as well as the regular upkeep to keep them well lit and in working order. Call us today to speak with one of our sign experts to get a sign fabricated, installed or get your business sign updated and maintained for life. 

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League City Business Sign Company

Our expert League City sign fabrication team is ready to assist your business today! We provide upfront quotes & estimates so you know what your costs will be, prior to work being started. We provide same day service in many cases. Call today and let's get started designing your custom business sign!

A good business owner understands the importance of keeping their business signage clean and working well. This is oftentimes the first impression your customers will have when visiting your storefront. Our maintenance plans can keep your business sign well lit and running, so you can run your business. Contact us!

If your current business sign is old and worn, consider getting a sign face lift with a retrofitted sign from our League City LED retrofit service. Our expert electricians will work with you to turn your old business sign into a modern LED system. Call us and get your sign updated and you can even save some money on electricity. Learn more here.

Bay Area Signs & Electrical Team

With over 35 years combined experience, Bay Area Signs has been a top choice across Texas for the design, fabrication, and installation of distinctive business signs and graphics. We have worked hard to earn a reputation for consistently meeting our clients demanding expectations. Whether designing an attractive storefront sign or handling complex sign installations, Bay Area Signs & Electrical is always ready to provide the most excellent service you expect.

We offer neon service, basic sign repair or maintenance, channel letter signs, pylon installation, LED retrofitting, sign replacement or removal, and more. Our fabrication sign shop is capable of your every sign need and creates beautiful and affordable signs.

Our graphics department utilizes the most up to date digital printing and design software to serve your sign needs. Please explore our website to see our work and find out more about us. Contact us anytime for help with your next project, we would love to earn your business, and we are confident we can exceed your expectations.

National Sign Accounts Welcomed
We provide sign installation, survey work, permitting and maintenance services to national sign companies as well.


Bay Area Signs & Electric Helps Brand Your Business

Sign Size Matters

With some things, bigger is better and with signs, this couldn't be more true. When you decide to increase the size of your signage, it is going to attract more attention. In addition, it attracts attention from a greater distance, especially if it is well maintained and lit. However, before making any major changes it is important to be familiar with the laws and ordinances for signs in your area. Need help? We have you covered as we are familiar and well versed in this area.

So what’s the best way to “go large”?

When you work with Bay Area Signs & Electrical, you will receive the best customer service and full and complete services. We design signage to perfectly match your business needs - branding. In addition, we create and fabricate any kind of sign your business may need. Your signage will be custom designed; unlike anyone else’s. This leads us to another important aspect of creating a landmark: uniqueness.

Be Different yet Similar

Landmark signage is unique and “the same” all at once. But what does this mean? Your signage should stand out from the competition. However, if you have more than one location or franchise, you want to deliver the same message and maintain consistency - branding. This is why it is so important to choose the right sign professionals for the job. Your beautiful signs can light up the night sky and serve as a beacon for daytime customers in Houston, Sugar Land, Pearland, Pasadena, League City, Texas City, Dickinson, Galveston and many other locations all at the same time.



Our sign skills stretch your imagination - we can do it all


We can turn your old outdates sign into a well lit LED retrofitted sign


We can create stickers for your business branding or messaging


We repair and maintain your signs so they continue to shine bright


Call Bay Area Signs & Electric today!

We repair and restore existing signs as well as design and fabricate of all types, styles and sizes of signs. We work with your schedule and hours to do on-site installations and LED Retrofitting. We have the know-how of all of the above and our highly trained professionals will complete the job right, the first time.

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