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Before Getting Your Outdoor Business Signage

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It’s understandable that the first thing you want to do in business is get your business sign up and present it well at your storefront. We don’t blame you since it’s a big milestone and a huge commitment to getting your brick-and-mortar business up and running. However, there are some important things to think about before you actually get your outdoor business sign. These will help you get the perfect display for your business without having to change something later!

Considering an Outdoor Sign?

Hire a pro

It’s tempting to want to DIY some things, but sign installation should certainly never be one of those things that you try to take on yourself.  I mean, after all, you don’t have welding equipment and the materials just laying around, right?  Plus, there are many restrictions and requirements that you must meet when looking at installing a new sign and putting up other advertising features, such as a banner. A professional is not only ready to handle those but is properly experienced in these bureaucratic details to do it properly for your sake.

Don’t be motivated by a cheap price

Yes, it’s tempting to go with the cheapest for installation and running costs, but you must remember that your business sign is a huge investment for your company. Yes, it will cost a significant amount upfront, but it will serve your business well as far as running costs and even just overall longevity. Quality costs more, but it will offer you, well, quality for much longer than the cheapest option on the market.  You know the old saying, you get what you pay for, so be sure to properly vet your sign installation company.

Focus on your customerEnsure your sign is easy to read and find by those passing by

From size to color use to overall design, always focus on your customer and what they’re going to see, and remember. You need to be sure to design something that is going to draw them in and help them remember you if they do decide to pass by your storefront. It’s all well and good for you to love your sign, but what if they hate it? Take your time to do some research, looking at your competition and understanding how their signs come across. It all helps you to put up a sign that is going to be professional and engaging.

Don’t try to go too fancy

Yes, you obviously want your sign to be professional and refined, but don’t get too elaborate out of it. Why do you need a flashy and fancy sign when a classic fabric one may serve your needs better? There are a lot of types of signs out there and what’s right for one business isn’t right for the next. Consider more than one type of sign and take time to think about your options seriously.  Keep in mind, it’s not just what you like, but that will be easily seen from those driving by.  Not to mention, it should match your branding as well.

Not sure? Ask

There are a lot of options out there to choose from, and then you have to get into color psychology and overall size, and other such details. It’s a lot for you to handle, so bring in the experts in sign design to help you through the entire process! There’s no rule that says you have to decide alone!

While it may slow down the process to take all of these steps, it will make the difference to think about all of this before you actually get your business sign. The results will be well worth it, too.

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