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Branding Your Business From the Outside In

Brand your business from inside out

Since a business empire doesn’t exactly build itself, it’s up to us to decide just how we want to market ourselves.  Branding is, of course, crucial to doing that effectively.  If you’re looking for some tips on how to do that effectively from both the point of view of bringing in new customers and making the process profitable, here is the help you need.

How to brand your business

Create a digital footprintbranding your business from your sign to your logo and more

While a lot of businesses see the digital options as competition, there’s no reason that this has to be the way that it goes.  To get your brand out there, after all, you have to make sure that people know you’re, well, out there.  Set up your Google listings, amp up your websites and social media presence, and make this all a priority for your business’ outlook.

Put your people to work

When you’ve got your employees working for you on the floor, are they doing everything they can to embody the brand?  From their clothing choice to their attitude to even the words that they use, these are all opportunities to push your brand presence further and keep your external perspective consistent.

Show your customers what your brand stands for

One of the best things about marketing your brand is that you can show it off as its own entity.  For instance, a certain color, or perhaps an adorable mascot, or something like that.  Make your brand into a personality or presence and it’ll not only help people remember you, but it will also show that your brand is the real deal and that you are worth taking a look at — as opposed to the competition that doesn’t do that.

Be sure your brand is spread across all of your digital marketing, as noted above, your in store experience resembles that as well and don’t forget your store front sign. It should speak in the same “voice” as your branding persona is trying to perceive.  Consider a LED retrofit signage to make your brand shine bright on the store entrance to help bring the folks in.

Reel people in with dealsBrand your business from inside out

While digital shopping is great and all, there are still people who love the idea of getting an exclusive deal in-store.  A lot, actually.  So, create in-store loyalty programs or offer coupons or savings to get people coming your way and visiting your store.  It will show that you still value their loyalty and earn you more sales than the fickle online shopper!

Make customer service a priority

You’ve most likely heard this one before, but it’s really important.  Your customer is going to really want to be wowed both by coming into your store and also feeling as though they are welcome and wanted.  When customers shop online, they don’t get as much customer service therefore they don’t expect it as much as they would in your store.  In-store, however, you can earn their respect and loyalty just by being nice.  Be sure your business brand is communicating successfully.

Realistically speaking, there’s a lot of competition out there and it can be overwhelming even to the most dedicated worker.  By taking a realistic approach to how you want to tackle your branding, you’ll be able to grab their interest and hold it long-term.  One of the coolest details is that none of these things are going to feel impossible, either, because the practices of branding from the outside in are designed to be simple and straight-forward!

Hopefully this helps brand your business and bring in the customers for you.  We can’t necessarily help with your branding, but we can surely design and install your business sign that is the first impression to your customers that walk through your door. Be sure it is a good impression.  Remember that we design and create, we install, we can repair and maintain as well as take down. We do all kinds of signs from monument, pylon, LED, channel signs, neighborhood signs, churches, hospitals, electrical work on your signs and much much more.  Contact Bay Area Signs & Electrical with any questions or to get your sign built today.

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