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Here at Bay Area Signs & Electrical, we understand the upkeep involved in a good business sign. Whether you need a new business sign or reinvented; call us today to speak with someone about getting your business sign fabricated and maintained for life. 

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New Business Signs

Our expert [display-get-param name="adwords_location" default="League City"] Business Sign team is ready to assist you today! Upfront quotes & estimations, with same day service in many cases. Call Today To Get Started!

Business Sign Fabrication

When it comes to your new [display-get-param name="adwords_location" default="League City"] Business Sign you want the perfect solution. With hundreds of possible combinations, out team can help you create the ideal sign, customized to your specs.

Storefront Signs

Get a facelift for your [display-get-param name="adwords_location" default="League City"] business with a new business sign. Our expert crew will work with you to turn your old business sign into a modern eye catching brand. Call Us Today To Get Started! 

New Business Signs

Without a business sign your storefront is not gaining the attention that it needs. Let Bay Area Signs & Electrical work with you to create a stunning and personalized sign for your business.

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No sign is out of reach when you use Bay Area Signs & Electrical. We are the only sign fabrication shop you need to know about. From sheet metal to wood, we can help you choose the right material for your sign. We can even prepare banner signs for special events and promotions!

Professional Business Sign Shop

At Bay Area Signs & Electrical we have experience with this type of work and know exactly what is expected of us. We can help with Business Signs and design Storefront Signs. Our team will aid you in the design process and are fully capable of making any sign you can imagine.

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The face of your business is the first thing your customers will see before even entering your building. The sign that displays your company name will be judged and critiqued by everyone who lays eyes on it. Does it send the message you are trying to convey, or does it scare away your potential profits?

Bay Area Signs & Electrical wants you to have a professional sign that reflects the type of professional business you have. Whether that may be an electrical sign that can light up and be bright and flashy or a more clean-cut storefront sign, we can build it, and install it for you. Show your customers what they can expect from you before they ever meet you with a beautiful business sign from Bay Area Signs & Electrical.


Bay Area Signs & Electrical | Serving The [display-get-param name="adwords_location" default="League City"] Area

Here at Bay Area Signs & Electrical, we take pride in the Channel Letter Signs we've installed for business around the [display-get-param name="adwords_location" default="League City"] area. From small, family owned business, to large corporations like Marshall's. Just drive around the [display-get-param name="adwords_location" default="League City"] area, and you can see signs of our expert work all over the community.

With over 35 years of experience between our amazing electricians, and our Master Electrician owner, you can trust that Bay Area Signs & Electrical can get your [display-get-param name="adwords_location" default="League City"] Channel Letter Sign up in no time flat! We also handle Channel Letter Repairs, Channel Letter Maintenance, and LED Retrofitting for Channel Letters too!




Our sign skills stretch your imagination - we can do it all


We can turn your old outdates sign into a well lit LED retrofitted sign


We can create stickers for your business branding or messaging


We repair and maintain your signs so they continue to shine bright


Call Bay Area Signs & Electric today!

From the repair and restoration of existing signs to on-site installations and LED Retrofitting, we have the know-how and highly trained professionals to complete the job right the first time.

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