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Communicate Like a Boss – A Successful Retail Communication Strategy

Spend time with customers and employees to improve your business

The world is changing, and one of the places that you’re most likely to see those changes popping up is in the world of retail.  Some brick-and-mortar stores feel as though they don’t have a purpose, but that’s not all the case.  In fact, there’s still lots of power in a classic retail business.  The secret: proper communication strategies!

Get that response time down

One thing that is totally pushed by the online model is that customers expect to have a reply to their question, like, now. While you may have been able to get away with getting back to someone within 24 hours before, that’s not the case anymore!  As much as possible, focus on getting back to customer queries as quickly as possible — under three hours, preferably.  Because if they don’t get their answer when they want it, right now, they will move on!

make your store front appealing and visible to customers

Make your storefront appealing

Remember window shopping?  Serious shoppers enjoy strolling down the street and taking a look at the storefronts.  To grab their interest, you’ll want to make your storefront as appealing as possible.  Keep it clean, organized, and well-advertised, too.  You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a proper business sign that is clear, easy to read, and engaging.  Also, make sure your online details are correct!  That is, your Google Maps location is, in fact, your store’s actual location!

Check-in with the customer

Your connection with your customer doesn’t have to end at the purchase counter!  One thing that is sure to make a positive impact is reaching out to them after the purchase — say 24 or 48 hours later — and asking them how their purchase is working out, if they have any questions, etc.  Also, consider giving them an exclusive coupon on a discount for something, too.  It really helps them see that you are in charge of your business and staying on top of things!  It also makes them more likely to come back and reach out, too, if they have questions!

Really woo your customer

Let’s be blunt: customers want to be wooed!  They want to be shepherded around your store and have you cater to all of their needs like they are a VIP.  Make sure you focus on really hearing your customer and meeting their needs so that they can leave your shop feeling like they got the VIP treatment!

Be part of your communitySpend time with customers and employees to improve your business

If you have the option of supporting your community through something like donations or hosting events, etc., do it!  Customers love a brand that is firmly rooted in their own communities and will go out of their own way to support those around them.  Pick a charity or an event that is important to you, and support it as a business.  There’s no better way to communicate support and loyalty than that!

While online shopping is certainly picking up, brick and mortar businesses are still relevant and important to the modern shopper.  If you want to earn their sale, focus on the proper communication techniques to do just that!

We can’t help you communicate with your employees in your store, but we can definitely help you send a message to your customers from the outside. Promote your brick and mortar business, be visible, engage with your customers and stay top of mind. Contact Bay Area Signs & Electrical to have us build your sign, install it, take it down or help keep it running with regular maintenance. We build ALL kinds of business signs so let us know how we can help.

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