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Creating a Logo That Speaks For Your Brand & Identity

be sure your business has a logo branding your business

It seems like there’s always something to create, tweak, and update when it comes to your business, right?  While it does get a little overwhelming, knowing that your business is always working for you is going to offer up a lot of comfort and convenience!  A key to that is going to be your identity and, more specifically, a logo.

What does a logo do?

Much like when you are designing a sign for your building or you take the time to think seriously about branding for your business, a logo is going to help show you as a professional to all those who look at it.

It’s what shows that you are the worthwhile option, amongst the competition, and that you take what you do seriously enough to design a beautiful, streamlined logo.

How to create a logo that speaks for your brand

When you’re actually designing the logo, there are several features to focus on to help make it an instant success, no matter what industry you’re in!  Take a look below.

Your customer/buyer persona

The first person to think about when planning your logo is the person who is going to be seeing it.  What you design for teen shoppers will be different from financing executives.  Look at examples online of your competition and similar options so that you can see the general feel for what your potential customers expect or want to see. Not to mention to be sure you aren’t “copying” your competition – that will also send a bad signal, plus it might have a trademark or copyright, so be sure to check for that.

Color usebrand your business with a sign that shows off your business

Color is incredibly fun and innovative, especially with a logo.  But, you’ll need to use it carefully.  The wrong color could cost you a customer.  So, too, could too many colors.  Whenever possible, try for one or two colors and remember to focus on the concept of color psychology when choosing them!


Complex logos are harder to remember, or see from a far.  When you want to create a logo that is comfortable for the customer, keep it focused on only one or two things.  The more your customer remembers you, the more likely they are to take you seriously and, of course, remember who you are.


When you want to give out the true professional air, the best way to do that is through a careful professional aesthetic.  From one platform to another (social media, brochures, storefront signs, websites, etc) everything should match so that you are giving out a consistent and logical, professional appeal. This is branding!

The right logo matters

There are some parts of successfully running a business that you can take or leave, or even leave up to chance.  But a logo is not going to be one of them.  You want to think carefully about how you explore the concept of brand identity, and the logo that you end up with is absolutely crucial to that.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be much better prepared to design a logo that is going to feel like you and your business.  Just goes to show you that a logo is one of those features of your business’ identity that really does wonders when used correctly!

Should you have your logo and are ready to create a sign for your storefront, contact Bay Area Signs & Electrical and let us help you design that sign and get your business lit up!

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