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Different Types of Signage for Your Business

make your store front appealing and visible to customers

The sign that you have (or don’t have) can make or break just how successful you are as a business.  Maybe that’s not fair, but it certainly is the truth!  If customers don’t know where or how to find you, or rather, that you exist at all, how will they know they need your products/services?  So, you’ll want to make sure you are visible and that you have the right kind of sign in place for your business.  Not sure just what kind of sign you should be looking for?  It’s best to start with knowing your options!

Types of business signs

Window signs

These are, you guessed it, signs that literally go into the window of your shop.  They can be classic signs or you can go fancy with backlit signs or LED signs.  These are great if you are in a pedestrian-popular spot, as they’ll attract their attention pretty well when placed in the window!

Vehicle wraps

This is a relatively new kind of signage that technically isn’t really a sign.  It’s a complex kind of wrap that surrounds your vehicle and has it act as a rolling billboard, essentially.  It’ll work its magic without impacting your overall driving ability, comfort, etc. It’ll be a great option for those businesses that are looking to make their required transportation do a bit more work for them!  So, free visibility as your vehicles drive about the city.

Awning signs

These are classic, but for a reason.  With no shortage of fanfare and color potential waiting, these are going to be great especially for standing out from the competition.  Both promoting comfort and a great place to put your information, they’ll grab the eye of someone who is used to tuning out signs! As classic signs, they are expected, they are bold and they basically are directional signs for your business saying – this business is here!

Face-lit channel letterssubway sign

Channel letter signs, just like awning signs are the most popular.  They help make your business look more modern and expose your business name because typically businesses use their name in channel letters.

Sidewalk signs

This could be anything from a menu board for a restaurant or café, to a sale or discount sign, to just sidewalk level signage for your business itself.  These are especially popular in pedestrian environments since they’re literally on the same level as your potential customers!  They almost have to trip over them!


Fun and deliciously simple, banners are great ways to promote a great discount or a sale that is going to get people flocking in.  For these, you’ll want to go big, bold, and bright with color.  The hard part becomes determining where to place it, but you can have help and guidance for that if needed.


Another simple option that will grab someone’s attention, these flap in the wind and create both a visual and an audio-based distraction that will get heads turning your way — which is exactly the point. These are also durable and intended to be taken down when they are no longer needed, and changed for a new one!  What’s not to love about something like that when looking for a sign to offer support long-term?  Great for every day visibility or showcase a special product or sale or even event.

The industry that you’re in doesn’t necessarily have to determine what kind of sign you have if you don’t want it to.  After all, having a sign for your hotel or small shop that looks different from all of the others is going to often work in your favor because you’ll be memorable.  That’s what it’s all about, after all… well other than making money for your business.  But how do you make money if folks don’t know you are there. Contact Bay Area Signs & Electrical at (713) 899-5417 as your one stop shop for business signs. We do it all!  We can create it, fabricate it, install it, repair it and even take it down. Let us know how we can help light up your business.

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