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Holiday Safety for Your Retail Business

Keep your business & employees safe and secure during the holidays

Your retail business is always under threat — as much as we don’t want to think that way — which means that you always need to think about how to keep it safe.  Whether it be from theft, safety accidents, or even mental and social support, it all factors in.  The holidays are going to be especially important points to think about when it comes to safety.  Want some tips?  Here they are for you!

Safety for you business during the holidays (or anytime)

Theft is a real problem — factor it in

Whether it be your employees stealing from you or just customers off the street who see your professional business design and decide that you make a great target, theft is a common holiday concern. You’ll need to plan strategically for protecting your business, at all times, from all angles.  How?  Be anticipating it and expecting it.  Be mindful of newcomers and anyone who seems to be acting strangely.  Make sure your camera feeds are active and pointed at the most logical choices for theft attempts.

Make sure your staff is instructed on what to do if they suspect someone is trying to steal from the store and also that they know their own theft will be prosecuted.

Check your locks (all of ‘em)

Locks are there to keep your shop safe when you’re not there.  Sounds silly, perhaps, but many people just take them for granted.  Over time and with use, those locks wear and even break.  The weaker they are, the easier they are for experienced thieves to get past, and the more risk your business holds.

You’ll want to check your locks (or swap them out for new ones if necessary) before the holidays.  Don’t forget to check your display cases, windows, and supply storage rooms, too.  All locks should be secure.

Make sure your signs and lights are well lit

Lights often will ward off those thieves that don’t want to take much risk.  Light up your doors and windows or floors with flood lights and etc.  Make it clear to any would-be wrong-doers that you are watching and waiting for them.

As well, consider investing in a new sign for your business.  It will help them see that you’re a “modern” business and have all of the security in place to make it look great (even if that isn’t necessarily true). A sign reflects how your shop looks, and most holiday thieves aren’t going to want to mess with someone who is prepared for them!

Plus, should you have to call the police, your well lit sign will help guide them to your store (like it does for customers looking for you).  If you already have a sign and need to update to LED retrofitting or just some maintenance on your current sign, we can help.

Treat your employees right

When it comes to the social and emotional safety of customers and employees, treat those hard-working staff members right.  The holidays are stressful and people-packed.  If your employees know that their needs are being met and that you want to hear what they need, they’ll be calmer and more professional.  This means better treatment of your customers, too.

Protecting your retail business is about factoring in all of the potential risks and preparing for as many of the mas possible.  While none of us have any way to be absolutely certain that there will be no theft, the more preparation that you do, the less likely it will be!

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