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How a Storefront Sign Helps Your Business Visibility

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You want your store or shop to be visible to anyone and everyone that could happen upon it.  After all, that’s why you have one, right?  Well, you must pay special attention to your storefront sign itself. It does more than you think for your shop.

How having a sign for your store helpsGet signage to get your business noticed

It offers visibility of your store 24/7

The most important reason that a sign helps your brick and mortar business is that it gets you noticed every single moment of every single day.  If this LED channel letter sign is on — and it is designed to be left on  — people will know that you are there and they’ll easily be able to read your business name.  No matter the weather or time of day or night, it’ll be there to light the way, to your business.

Signage helps catch people’s attention

Since city streets and blocks get crowded fast with signs, having the right storefront sign will help customers find you faster.  No more reading handmade signs or small signs.  Yours will be properly sized, professionally designed and fast at helping your customer find you when walking along the street.

Signs show you’re the real deal

Having a sign that looks good reflects well on you.  If you’ve got a cardboard sign or a poorly maintained sign, it gives the idea that you are either closed down, not professional or you just don’t care enough to take care of your signage.  First impressions matter, as much as we might want to think that they don’t.  Having a well-lit sign will give the right professional view to the passer-by on the street and lead them to come in and check you out, even if that wasn’t their intention in the first place.  If you don’t have a sign at all, or it’s one that’s impossible to read, it can drive customers away or they could completely miss your business.

Signs last longer when maintainedGet your sign maintenance for longevity and visibility

If you picture your standard business sign, you probably have an image of half of it working and half of it not.  Or, there’s a critical letter missing and it looks unprofessional. These all give the wrong idea to the concept for a professional storefront sign.  These are signs of neglect.  When you go with an LED sign, you will get what you expect.  Yes, your sign will require maintenance and proper care, just like anything, but it will not leave you high and dry a few years later, never to work again.

Signs make Your business memorable

Not many people will remember who you are when it comes to shopping around a series of similar shops or stores or strip centers.  But research suggests that they will remember your sign. Maybe it’s a color, maybe it’s a use of space, maybe it’s the slogan or graphics.  Whatever the detail may be, they’re more likely to remember you based specifically off of your sign.

Your business is amazing and you deserve to get all of the customers you can. The sign that you choose can determine how many of them make it over your threshold. Make sure you get them all with a properly designed, professional, maintained and effective sign.

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