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How to Make Your Business Stand Out

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You are spending time and, perhaps most importantly, money, on your business sign. Don’t you want to make sure that it’s making the splash that you’ve intended it to?  If so, you’ll want to focus on the core concepts that actually help your business storefront sign stand out in the first place, even amongst all of the competition out there.

Remember what your sign is looking to do

Your business sign has a job to do, that’s why you need one, after all. So, keep that use in mind when you are planning the actual sign itself. Go big and bright with your letters, focusing on an easily readable sign even from a distance, or the freeway. Also, rely heavily on a simple message with some pictures and visual touches if they are related to your business and make sense, quickly. People driving by won’t have a ton of time to try to figure things out.

Channel letter signs are easy to make and they can be made in big sizes that will really help prioritize the simplicity of your sign. Just because you want your sign to be professional doesn’t mean that you want it to be overly fancy or complex. Sometimes simple and sweet are great goals to aim for and remember the job: you’re conveying information, not creating a wall mural or a piece of art!

Don’t get too complex

This is especially important when you consider that you are advertising with a big sign in a neighborhood or community that likely has a series of big signs. If you don’t want to just have yours fade into the background noise, keep it simple and avoid anything risky or garish. Not only will it not stand out, but it may also cause viewers to ignore it even more so.  Stay simple, focused and respectful of the environment around it for best results.  When it comes to a city block filled with bright signs, be the one that stands out with doing something different rather than just trying to be the “loudest” one there.

Consider color psychology

If you are a medical-related institution, you may consider going with blue or maybe red. If you’re financial, you’ve probably considered green.  Any idea why?  These are colors that we’ve learned to associate with those kinds of institutions. Keep this in mind when planning and picking the colors that you’re using either in your letters or the other parts of your sign.

Don’t forget about your logo or branding – you will want to be sure this is tied in or is the basis for your business sign.  Branding is more important than the psychology, especially when you already have that brand recognition.

Shape mattersMarina Bend

Just like color, the shape of your sign itself also is going to be important. Rectangular signs are what is most commonly perceived as information and storefronts. Circular are focused on what not to do or what you have to do (think do not enter signs, for instance), rather than informative, and triangle ones are often warnings or dangers.  This will impact how your customer sees your business.

Again, consider your branding and how that crosses into the shape for your sign as well as where the sign is located with respect to attaching to your building and etc.

Your business is important to you and you want your sign to do the job of informing those around you about your services. Your sign is a crucial part of your advertising and this involves the design and effect of the sign as well as the sign information itself. Make your business stand out by getting the sign right, and you’ll quickly discover just how positively linked they can be! Never forget your branding and how it crosses from your marketing material, logo, website and of course your business signage.

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