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How to Promote Your Brick & Mortar Business

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There’s something to be said for proper promotion, especially these days.  However, promotion no longer means just putting out ads in the local paper and getting crowds flocking to your store as a result, right?  You can rely on some modern versions of advertising to help you promote your “traditional” brick and mortar business; you’ll be happy to learn.  Here are some of the leading options out there.

Consider loyalty programs

Customers, especially these days, enjoy a great loyalty program.  It could be something as simple as a punch card every purchase where they get a specific discount when they complete the punch card.  You could also go a little higher tech and offer a points-based loyalty program where you are going to give certain points per product and then those points are redeemable for cash rewards after a certain point.  This is a great way to bring in actual loyal customers.

Offer worthwhile in-store events

From sales to coupons to customer service, you can bring in some serious amount of revenue by making sure that you keep all of your best services and events for those who actually come into your store itself.  This will incentivize them to check you out in person and enjoy savings if and when they make a purchase.  Authenticity is just not something that comes from online businesses!

Offer seasonal décor in your window displays

You can’t interest people if you can’t get their attention, right?  Make sure you’re unforgettable with your window displays.  From a well-designed sign to a window set-up that mimics that season, you’ll be sure to get a lot of attention and, as a result, people interested in your business.  You don’t need to get fancy, necessarily, just focus on the quality of the display in terms of customer attention!  Is it bright?  Is it funny?

Make your sign appealing and memorableMake your signs appealing with a clear message

No matter what time of the year it is, you’ll want to have a good sign on your business that is going to be appealing visually and also memorable so that your customers think of you the next time that they’re looking for a purchase.  Often underrated, an easily read, legible business sign is going to be a wonderful tool that you can have in your kit, especially for something as literal as a storefront!

Similar to your window display, it doesn’t need to be fancy but something that is well-designed and the message is clear. Signs are worth more than their high-tech counterparts and they’re also a whole lot better on the budget and last longer.

While online businesses tend to get traffic, you can still advertise and get physical traffic to your bricks and mortar business by being creative about it.  A true brick and mortar storefront is going to have an aesthetic that an online business will never have no matter how hard it tries.  Plus, it draws attention while folks are out an about and they maybe might have never seen you in the first place. If you want that to work for you, these tips will give you advice and a reminder that customers are out there for the taking if you know how to ask for them… or be visible for them to see you.

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