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Planning a Grand Opening for Your Brick & Mortar Business

Be sure to have a grand opening for your small business

Your business is going to be booming, as it should be. However, a huge part of making sure that you are as popular as you should be is having your own grand opening. This helps get your business out there.

Launch into business with your grand opening

There is an important process to follow for your brick & mortar business that, if followed, will give you a great launch into the community!

Whether you are opening a brand new shop or you are reopening after closure and rebranding, it’s all about focusing on these tips to help you make the perfect first impression. It’s always those smaller things that make the difference!

Tips to nail your grand openingnail your grand opening, ribbon cutting or re-opening with these tips

Make parking a priority

You want to help convince people to come in and take a look at your new shop. So, make parking a priority. Whether it be something as fancy as valet parking or just a parking guide to help everyone find a spot, really focus on this! A staggeringly large amount of people won’t come in if there is no parking, or it’s a “free for all” approach with a poorly laid plan.

Hire a photographer

You want to have professional photos for your launch. Hire one that is a member of your local community so that you can show that you are invested in the community, and that you, too, are looking forward to being a part of that local community. Having professional photos to put online of your launch is also helpful to get the word out further.  Plus, if that person can be at your grand opening, these will make great pictures for your social media or something you can share and get folks to tag themselves and share, which further helps your brand.

Have a sign that is going to impress everyone

This applies both to your business sign itself and the announcement of the reopening! A photo is worth a thousand words, and a sign is pretty much the same. Do it right, and it’ll draw people in when they see that you are an official business that is going to offer them something unique and exciting. And be sure you hire the right company to make your sign, quality is key. The view from the outside will create a good, or bad, impression of what’s on the inside.

Bring in the press

The press gets such a bad reputation, but they are integral to helping you make a statement in the community. Allow them to conduct interviews before the event itself and then bring them in on the actual day of so that you can get lots of great content out there to the community. This can create additional visibility. Further, it will help get everyone buzzing about it and it also helps you to get the word out further than you would have otherwise.

Have fun with your ribbon cutting / grand opening

Sound silly, but it’s important. This isn’t some sort of stuffy event. Make it fun and casual, and make sure that everyone leaves with a swag bag of some sort. It will help give off the right vibe in your space, and it will also make a lot of people come back just because the launch was so much fun!  Promotional products are great to add to your swag bag, plus, it keeps you top of mind of your customers and potential customers.

Be properly staffedWe do vinyl as well as car or truck wraps, any size

In this case, you’ll want your regular staff, but you’re also going to want to have staff just for the grand opening (or reopening). It’ll help make sure that no one slips through the cracks, and it also takes the pressure off of everyone on staff since there are extra for overflow. Your guests will notice this — in a good way.

Your grand opening is your big chance to show the world that you care and that you mean business. It also is a wonderful first time for your business, so you’ll want to get it right for many, many reasons! These tips will help you do just that.

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