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Galveston County Sign Fabrication

Do you need new signage for your business or storefront? Here at Bay Area Signs & Electrical, we create and fabricate signs from scratch and can make you any custom sign you need!

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We Repair Business Signs

Business Sign Fabrication

Our expert sign fabrication team is ready to assist you today! Upfront quotes & estimations, with same day service in many cases. Call Today To Get Started!

Sign Maintanence Services

A good business owner understands the importance of keep their business sign clean and working well. With Bay Area Signs & Electrical, our maintenance teams are ready to keep your business sign running, so you can run your business. Call today to get started!

Weather Damaged

We understand the weather here in the Gulf Coast of Texas, and the toll it takes on your business sign. Whether you need a new sign, or we can repair the current one; call us today to get started!

Are you looking for a new business sign? Here at Bay Area Signs & Electrical, we handle all kinds of Sign Fabrication. We can set you up with a new neon sign, channel letters, LED sign, whatever you need! Our sign fabrication team can sit down with you and help you decide which kind of sign is right for you and your business!

Expert Sign Fabrication

When you get a custom sign from Bay Area Signs & Electrical sign fabrication team, you're getting more than just a basic sign. Our master electrician works hand in hand with the fabrication team to ensure that your custom sign is perfect.

Looking for a way to enhance your sign without breaking the bank? We do LED Retrofitting too! Leave us a message on the Contact page or call now to find out more!

LED Sign Installation
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Bay Area Signs & Electrical | Serving The Greater Houston & Texas Area

When you drive around the Houston metroplex area, we promise that you've seen more than a few custom signs made by Bay Area Signs & Electrical. We work with small businesses, as well as large corporations like CarMax, to supply with with the perfect sign.

With over 35 years of combined experience, as well as a master electrician, you can trust that we know our way around sign fabrication. If you're ready to get started on your new sign, give us a call today.




Our sign skills stretch your imagination - we can do it all


We can turn your old outdates sign into a well lit LED retrofitted sign


We can create stickers for your business branding or messaging


We repair and maintain your signs so they continue to shine bright


Call Bay Area Signs & Electric today!

From the repair and restoration of existing signs to on-site installations and LED Retrofitting, we have the know-how and highly trained professionals to complete the job right the first time.

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