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League City Sign Repair & Maintenance

Here at Bay Area Signs & Electrical, we understand the upkeep involved in sign repair & maintenance. Call us today to speak with someone about getting your business sign repaired and maintained for life. 

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League City Sign Repair & Maintenance Company

Light Up Sign Repair

Our expert League City Sign Repair & Maintenance team is ready to assist you today! Upfront quotes & estimations, with same day service in many cases. Call Today To Get Started!

Continued Sign Maintenance

When it comes to your new League City Sign Repair & Maintenance you want the perfect solution. With hundreds of possible combinations, we can install and maintain your business sign without any hassle. Call Today To Get Started!

Business Sign Repair

If your current business sign is old and worn, let us repair it with our League City Sign Repair & Maintenance Service. Ask about our LED Retrofitting service too. Call Us Today To Get Started! 

We Fix League City Signs

At Bay Area Signs & Electrical we have experience with this type of work and know exactly what is expected of us. We can help with Sign Repair and continued maintenance of any sign. Electric Signs and neon signs as well may require extra electrical work that we can help with.

Our Expertise

We are your local one-stop sign shop! League City Sign Repair and Sign Maintenance are one of the things we do best here at Bay Area Signs & Electric. Don't hesitate to call us if you need help with electric signs either! We have a Master Electrician ready to fix any electric sign or powered sign you might have.

Looking for a way to enhance your sign without breaking the bank? We do LED Retrofitting too! Leave us a message on the Contact page or call now to find out more!

LED Sign Installation
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Bay Area Signs & Electrical | League City Sign Repair & Maintenance

We have extensive knowledge of electric signs and electric sign repair and maintenance. Our crew is trained to identify problems and fix them in a timely manner.  There is no sign we cannot handle. Special types of electric signs and LED signs are definitely something we can fix here at Bay Area Signs & Electrical.

If you need help with a broken electric sign or with a complete sign replacement do not hesitate to call us today or contact us using the form below and we will get back to you immediately! Your business is important to us, and we would love the chance to help you succeed with a beautiful, professional made electric storefront sign or electric business sign.




Our sign skills stretch your imagination - we can do it all


LED Retrofitting


We can create stickers for your business branding or messaging


We repair and maintain your signs so they continue to shine bright


Call Bay Area Signs & Electric today!

From the repair and restoration of existing signs to on-site installations and LED Retrofitting, we have the know-how and highly trained professionals to complete the job right the first time.

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