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Sign Repair & Parking Lot Light Repair from Storm Damage

Bay Area Signs & Electrical in the Dickinson/League City area understands the weather unpredictability in the state of Texas. Having regular repair and upkeep is one thing but having to fix a sign that was damaged by a tropical storm, hurricane, tornado, flooding or the like is another. And we can help you with all of the above, as well as working with your insurance company. Call or text us to see about getting your signs or parking lot lights fixed. Hopefully that's all you'll need.

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We Repair Storm Damaged Signs & Parking Lot Lights

Weather Damaged Signage

Texas weather, we know! We live here too! Galveston and Harris County, and beyond, take a lot from Mother Nature. We can help. We work with you (and your insurance company) to help get your business signage and parking lot lights back up and running so you can begin your business recovery. Contact us today to see how we can lighten your load.

Parking Lot Light Repair

Having a well lit business, as well as a well lit parking lot is important for your business and your customers. When customers can see your business, but also can see where they are parked, that your parking lot is well maintained, it says a lot about your business and just safer for your business, employees and customers. Call today for help

Weathered Sign Repair

Our experts at Bay Area Sign & Electrical can assist you with basic sign repair and maintenance as well as electrical work for your damaged signs. We even repair parking lot light poles from every day wear and from a recent storm system! We can quickly provide you with upfront quotes or estimates to help your business recovery, and work with your insurance. In many cases, we are able to offer same day service.

At Bay Area Signs & Electrical in Texas, we have over 30 years of sign & electrical experience with sign fabrication, maintenance and repair as well as electrical work. We live in the area and have been through countless storm systems with our community so we are ready willing and able to help our fellow small business owners tackle whatever comes our/your way. Electric signs don't always weather the storms, so let us help you and your business.

Our Sign Expertise

We are your local professional fast and quality sign shop! Bay Area Signs & Electrical is well versed on all types of signs, from monument, pylon, pole signs, LED and channel letter signs to sign fabrication and maintenance of same. Sign repair and maintenance are one of our specialties, and well, all businesses have tons of maintenance that needs to be done regularly, so let us help. We have a Master Electrician ready and able to fix any electric sign or parking lot lights you have.

We are located in Dickinson but serve all of Galveston & Harris County, as well as the state of Texas and some areas in Louisiana. Contact us for a quote today.

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Sign Repair from Storm Damage at Bay Area Signs

We know signs and we are too familiar with the weather in Texas and the havoc it can cause on the Southern Houston area. Our crew is highly trained and prepared to deal with all of your sign issues, as related to storm damage, out lights, parking lot pole lights or down poles. We can fix them quickly but as you know, in a natural disaster many get hit at the same time so the sooner you contact us, the faster we can get you taken care of. No sign damage is too light or big for us to handle. Your business is important to you and to us so we will do what we can to fix your sign first, before having to go down the road to completely redoing it. Contact us and let's get to fixing.




Our sign skills stretch your imagination - we can do it all


We can turn your old outdates sign into a well lit LED retrofitted sign


We can create stickers for your business branding or messaging


We repair and maintain your signs so they continue to shine bright


Contact Bay Area Signs & Electric today!

From the repair and maintenance of storm damaged signs or parking lot poles and lights to designing and sign fabrication, installations and more. We are the experts in this field and have the most highly trained professionals to fix and repair your damaged business sign correctly, the first time. We are located in Dickinson in Galveston County Texas but service the surrounding counties, as well as throughout the great state of Texas. Call us at (281) 967-7141 or call/text at (409) 739-0781 today.

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