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Top Signs Your Business Signage is Ready for Repair

Be sure you update your signage when it needs it

Much like anything outside in the elements and weather, your business signage takes a lot of abuse from weather and the environment when looking specifically at its wear and tear over the years. Wondering what to do about your sign itself? Here are some “signs” that may help you see just how desperately your signage needs to be repaired!

“Signs” your business sign needs repair or updating

Keep in mind that your business sign is a representation of you and your business, plus, the point of it is to show/tell people where you are located. So the importance of having it look like quality, well lit and working, is paramount to your brand.

Your sign looks like crap

Harsh, but true. Maybe the colors are faded, maybe the LED in your 3rd letter keeps flickering, or maybe it just looks…drab. The thing is, no matter how hard you work to protect it, it’s going to get wear and tear from the the harsh Texas weather and elements or just general use (much like your home). If it looks like it needs help and TLC, then it’s probably a reminder that it needs some repair!

The weather has left its markrepairing a sign to make it more visible

The weather has serious impacts on your sign, especially in the Gulf Coast of Texas or other areas within the reach of hurricanes, tornados, other high winds or extreme temps! With high humidity and heat, the color, pattern, and overall effectiveness of your custom sign are going to need proper maintenance and actual repair work. One of the worst things that weather can do is corrode a transformer in one of the lights in your LED sign, noted by flickering. Whether you’re specifically noting flickering or color fading from sun bleaching, both are signs that your sign needs some love.

There’s a loose wire

Whether it’s in the wiring components, the power source, or the switches, there just always seems the something wrong, and it’s never an easy one. When this happens, the chances are that you may not have kept up with your maintenance as regularly as you should, leading to damage or wear and tear of those different components. An electrical repair can help professionally diagnose the problem and then treat it properly.

You stop trusting your sign

Maybe you’re worried about it falling, failing to turn on, or simply not acting as it should; if you stop trusting that your sign will simply work as it should, it’s time to hire a professional sign company to come in and take a careful look at the sign itself and see just what’s going on!

How do I know whether to repair or replace my sign?

You can’t be expected to always know whether it’s best to repair or replace your sign since you aren’t going to know whether it’s a big problem or a small problem! So, call in the pros to help you understand just what’s going on with your sign and whether it’ll be best to repair or replace it. After all, why waste your money on a repair if it’s just going to need to be fixed again in 2 weeks? You deserve to know what’s going on and what you need to know about it.

When it comes to having that professional, well lit and working sign that will look the part of a professional from all angles, understanding what’s needed for maintenance and repair of your sign is going to be crucial! To put your best foot forward, get your sign repaired and see just what a difference it can make for your business’ success!

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