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Understanding Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs repaired from the tornado in Deer Park

Getting new and returning customers to your business will depend on having something interesting to sell, that they want and providing both of those with quality customer service and a positive experience. However, there is one more important thing to have in place to get folks to see/find you; a good channel letter sign.

Learn more about channel letter signs

Your sign is what draws in business, and it’s what helps new customers find out that you exist. Want to know more? Keep reading!

What is a channel letter sign?

Channel letter signs are among the most common signs for businesses. They are made from either metal or acrylic and consist of 3D letters, numbers, or symbols. These 3D letters are generally equipped with LEDs, so they are eye-catching and legible both during the day and at night.

Why are channel letter signs best?

What makes these popular signs best? A lot of things, really. First, channel letter signs are custom-made for your shop name and design needs. They are unique to your brand and can’t be simply swapped out to a new business. I mean, after all, it may be your business name.

These signs are also effective advertising for your business because they are easy to read, are effective day and night, and naturally grab the eye. Other signs are great options for internal signage or simply trying something different, but channel letter signs are among the best choices.

There’s data to back that up, too. Statistically, over 75% of consumers enter a “new to them” store because of an eye-catching sign. As well, over 65% of consumers will buy something from a store because the sign is what got their attention. In a world with a lot of competition, this is some important data to pay attention to.  Besides, how else will they find you if they can’t see where you are located. It’s literally too much work for them to go into every office space to find you.

Choosing your sign designbe sure you keep your sign maintained to show your customers where you are and how professional you are.

When planning the channel letter design or your business, size will factor in. Generally, a 3” letter can be seen from 30’ away. That’s not far when it comes to roads and competing with the competition of the flighty customer in the mall or on the street drying by in their car, etc. Working with experienced channel sign designers will help you perfect the size for your design, store and needs.

The other thing is color combinations. For best results, use red or black text on a white background. It’s the most pleasing to the eye, and it draws attention. Of course, you can use whatever colors work best for your business, but working with an experienced designer will help you make the right choices for your needs.

Mounting your channel letter sign

There are two ways to mount a channel letter sign. The first, called raceway, is the most popular way because it’s simple, easy to install, and maintain. The second, called flush mount, is where each individual letter/number/symbol is mounted individually to your storefront. Again, we will discuss any options with you, discuss your lease or city requirements and help you make the best decision based on all of these factors.

How to care for your channel letter sign

Generally, these signs can last for over 15 years with proper maintenance and small repairs when needed. They’re a great investment for your business. One of the most important things when considering, or going with, a channel letter sign for your business is to trust a company that can do it all for you — from creating or designing to building, installing, repairing, and so on.  Remember, things take maintenance, like our homes and cars, and your business is no different from that. Plus, storms and the Texas weather can definitely wreak havoc on anything in its wake, which we also can help with, should that happen.

A good sign for your business can do a lot to help you get, and keep, customer attention. A channel letter sign will be a great choice to help you put your best foot forward.

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