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When & Why Should You Update Your Business Signage

updating signs to ensure properly lit up

Your sign is one of the essential things in that it represents your business. Yet, despite it being a crucial part of your marketing approach, not many people are going to make it a priority until they stop and think about it. So, here’s what you should know about your sign and what it says – literally and figuratively – to modern-day shoppers.

Top considerations when considering an update for your business signage

Here are some of the consideration points to help you see just why an update for our business sign will be a good idea for customer satisfaction and your own professional reputation from those on the outside.

It’s old and faded

Since it gets a lot of sun and other elements, it’s going to be faded, worn, and look rundown most likely. Even the best quality signs will start to look old after a period of time.  While you know it’s just the way of the world, all your customer sees is inattention. First impressions matter, and when they see a sign that looks ill-kept, they’ll pass on that feeling to you as well.

It doesn’t light up properlyWe can repair electrical signs with our professional sign team

Maybe there’s one part that flickers or simply stops working even if you replace parts, etc. Or, it is hard to read because one part is a different replacement color, so it interrupts the synchronicity. Whatever the issue, a sign that doesn’t light up the way you need it to will be nothing but trouble for you and the customer that is hard-core judging you based on your inattention to detail!  Consider updating your old out of date signage to LED.

It is inaccurate in its message or information

Maybe you’re using outdated marketing techniques with color combinations or patterns. Perhaps the information you have on the sign itself is wrong, such as a phone number or hours of operation. In this case, it could lose you sales because customers are relying on incorrect information!

Your sign tells a story

The thing to remember about your sign is that it tells a story about who you are as a company. Are you a company that cares about its appearance and wants to always look its best for anyone who may see it? Do you want to convey accurate information to your customers? Or do you just simply have something up there that does the job? Unfortunately, the whole “don’t judge a book by its cover” approach doesn’t work all that well in business.

Customers most certainly will judge you by your sign and it not only could lose their interest, but also that of the people they tell, too! Make sure that you look the part of modern and professional by taking the time and focus on replacing and updating your sign when it’s needed. It’s one of those expenses that will seriously pay for itself many times over.

The when and why of updating your business sign will change its weight and focus.  Figuring that out depends on what you think is most important about your sign itself.   The “if” will now be a thing of the past, and it simply becomes a matter of “when” on the sliding scale.

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